South of the Boarder: Kenny Shorts

One designer keeps the production of her baja-inspired shorts all in the family

In the Curl // Johnie Gall // 01/18/12
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KENNY Baja Shorts, Planet Blue L.A. Denim Top, Silver Jeans Co. Jeans
Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao
KENNY Baja Shorts, Planet Blue L.A. Denim Top, Silver Jeans Co. Jeans

Stop at just about any tourist trap en route to Arizona and you'll be afforded the chance to buy an "authentic" Baja blanket. Spend a few minutes under its itchy cover and you'll be wishing you opted for the keychains instead. That's why we're loving the new range of Baja shorts from Kenny designer Lindsay Sternberg– vibrantly colored shorts cut from real-deal fabrics sourced straight from Mexico.

"I have always has a special place in my heart for Mexican fabrics," explains the Venice Beach local, "They make me feel so good, so full of life."

After meeting with the families in Mexico who weave the cloth, Sternberg decided to make the whole production process a family affair: "I have relationships with the families in Mexico– their adult children are my sewers here in downtown L.A.!" And while securing a batch of fabric often means countless Skype meetings and some series customs-induced headaches, the end result is a totally authentic range of colorful, fully-lined (read: itch-proof) shorts that proves home is where the heart is.

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