Q&A: The Disco Pony Girl

Insider // Angelica Bonomo // 01/02/12
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Disco Pony designer Zoey Crystyna (L) and Natalie Suarez.


The Ultimate Bikini by Disco Pony

The Silver Surfer jacket by Disco Pony.

The Natalie Dress by Disco Pony (on muse Natalie Suarez)

Sure, New Year's Eve was this past weekend, but we're already on the search for the perfect sequin dress for next year's festivities. That’s why when we spotted former FOAM cover girl and blogger-slash-model Natalie Suarez dolled up in an amazing gold sequin dress, we had to know where it came from.

The answer? Disco Pony, a collection of custom-made sequin garments from The Disco Pony Girl's British-born blogger Zoey Crystyna. We caught up with the designer to talk sequins, bloggers and "Disco Snakes."

Where does the name Disco Pony come from?
I was brainstorming names for quite some time before I had a fated Skype conversation with a dear friend back in England. When I showed her my sequin snake-print shorts, she declared them "Disco Snakes"! I excitedly galloped off down the hallway to tell my fiancé about the "Disco Snakes," and mid-gallop, the Disco Pony vision was born!

Why so many sequins?
Sequins make my heart beat faster! It's been somewhat spooky to see how sequins have exploded into both designer and street fashion since I showcased my first piece, The Natalie Dress, which is named after my beautiful spokesmodel Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty.

What are your favorite pieces?
The Natalie Dress has undoubtedly been my go-to piece for parties throughout the seasons since its birth in February 2011.

Besides being a busy designer, you're also a blogger. How do you find the time?
Blogging and I have a strange relationship! One minute I love it, the next it repulses me! I'm yet to be happily married to blogging– I can't commit as much time as I once did to it, as I have so much to do with Disco Pony.

What is next for Disco Pony?
I'm launching a website. Right now I operate on a one-on-one client basis, which lets me know my customers on a personal level, but it doesn't leave me enough time to get on with my designing. The new collections will be shot in an exciting location with a gorgeous model. Oh, and I'll still be checking in one-on-one!

To order a custom design, email Zoey at zoeycrystyna@gmail.com

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