Health & Fitness: Emelyn Reyes

The surfer, yoga guru and globe trotting business owner shares her secret for perfect skin and hair.

Health & Fitness // Virginia Ibarra // 01/02/12
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Photo by Gina Sinotte

Courtesy of Sol Raiz Organics

Photo by Gina Sinotte

To all those women running their own businesses and managing to stay fit while doing so– we salute you (and want to know your secrets)! We tracked down one such busy businesswoman, Sol Raiz Organics founder Emelyn Reyes, to talk globe trotting, surfing and why you should try her maca root nutritional supplements (as if her beautiful skin and hair weren't reason enough).

How has your product affected your performance as a surfer?
A teaspoon of Sol Raiz Organics Maca is a perfect way to absorb benefits of a superfood without feeling weighed down. It allows me to stay light on my toes.

Has it improved your skin and hair?
Maca naturally supports the body's endocrine system while it regulates your metabolism, stress and energy levels. It has helped with strengthening hair and nails, maintaining clear skin and controlling breakouts.

And you have beautiful skin! What’s your regimen?
I cleanse and moisturize in the morning and right before bed. Organic and paraben free is what seems to work best for me. I also try to avoid surfing at peak hours because the sun is so intense. If the waves are good and I’m out there, I stick to non-toxic, chemical free sunscreen or use natural alternatives such as pure shea butter.

How do you stay fit?
By sticking to an organic diet, and exercising daily, even if it’s just getting the dog out for a walk around the neighborhood and some stretches. On days I can get away from work for a minute, I go surfing or practice different styles of yoga.

What different styles of yoga do you practice?
I like to change it up and practice different kinds of yoga such as Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Power yoga.

Where is your favorite surfing spot?
It’s called Honolua Bay and sits just over the hill from my family’s house on Maui. It’s one of the most picturesque [beaches] and [has the most] perfect waves in the world.

Where are you traveling next?
I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand to help launch and expand the Sol Raiz Organics brand in that region. I will also be traveling to Bali to complete my 300 hour yoga teacher training.

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