Audrey Buchanan's Gift Guide

We asked five of L.A.’s coolest girls-about-town what’s on their lists both to give and to receive.

Holiday Guide // Lauren Gallo // 12/09/11
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By Brandon Harman

Audrey Buchanan of Summit Series

As the Director of Digital for Summit Series, Audrey is the voice behind the inspirational event and initiative hub. When she’s not hash-tagging the sides of buildings at night, she’s likely to be wildly gesticulating while telling a story.

Audrey's Gift Ideas
I shop for all gifts exclusively at A+R in Venice. No, not because they pay me to (I wish), but because it's the best curated design store that I've ever seen, with prices that you can actually afford. All gifts below can be found there.

1. David Turpin and Native Union's POP!, $30
We are all always on the phone for work, and there's no question that neither holding a cell phone to your ear, nor losing signal on Bluetooth is ideal. These handsets are great for walking around the office and for making a fun statement while you stroll around in the city.

2. Magisso's Cake Cutter and Server, $50
For any man or woman you know that loves to bake this utensil is the best! It makes the process of cutting and serving cake so much more sleek and simple. It even looks great sitting on the counter.”

3. TSUTOMA ISEYA Eggling Crack n Grow, $11
This is a great "hello," "thank you," "thinking of you," gift: small, sweet, and understated. I've sent anything from cactuses to strawberry plants.

4. Eva Schlidt's Umbrella, $160
This a great first apartment gift for a young person living in a big city, in a small unit (read: NYC). Not only is great aesthetically, but it aids the problem of puddles in the entry way.

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