D.I.Y. Holiday Tassel Necklaces from Blow Up!

Take tassels from curtains to clothing with a D.I.Y. fringe necklaces from the Blow Up! girls

Holiday Guide // Johnie Gall // 12/01/11
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The finished tassel necklaces from Blow Up! View all 12 images
The finished tassel necklaces from Blow Up!
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Tassels, once known as the fancy companions of couches and drapes, have been revolutionized into accessories thanks to the help of designers like Sonia Rykiel and Diane Von Furstenberg. Here, New York design duo Kristin Eddington and Clarissa Roudabush of Blow Up! studio demonstrate how to make a festive, candy-colored tassel necklace fit for the holiday party circuit.

What You'll Need:
-3 bundles of embroidery thread
-2 strands of 30-inch colored thread
-Chain necklaces, around 28 inches long
-8-inch long piece of cardboard
-Thick sewing needle

How to Make Them:
1. Wrap your thread tightly around the cardboard. Repeat with the next bundle. Make sure to tie your pieces at one end of the cardboard and not the center.

2. Gently pull embroidery thread from cardboard and tie the center tight with a five inch piece of thread.

3. Cut the loop ends, making the fringe of the tassel.

4. Pull down the fringe and shape your tassel.

5. Start half an inch from the top of your tassel and tie a knot with your two accent colors.

6. Wrap your first color around the tassel 1/4 of an inch down, then knot firmly. Next, wrap the second color string. Knot both strings together and trim.

7. Use your scissors to clean up any uneven strings, making the fringe on the bottom clean and straight.

8. With a loose piece of embroidery thread, tie the sewing needle to the chain. Use the needle to guide the chain through the top loop of the tassel.

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