Q&A: Amanda Thomas of Luv AJ

Spotlight // Angelica Bonomo // 11/22/11
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From the Heavy Metal Lover collection lookbook

From the Heavy Metal Lover collection lookbook

From the Heavy Metal Lover collection lookbook

From the Heavy Metal Lover collection lookbook

From the Heavy Metal Lover collection lookbook

For the past few weeks, Amanda Thomas of Luv AJ has been treating us to an exclusive-behind-the-scenes look at the making of her newest collection. Now that The Heavy Metal Lover collection is complete, we sat down one more time Amanda while she reflected on the creation process and filled us in our what kept her going during late nights.

What influenced this collection?
The name of the collection, Heavy Metal Lover, has to do with the physical elements of all the jewelry as well as the overall vibe. I used only metal to create every single piece, so the textures and interest in every piece is through mixing and matching metal finishes. In terms of deciding what pieces to make, I kind of just make my own wish list of jewelry.

You told us one time that iced tea keeps you going! What's your favorite brand?
What a good question! I literally know what kind of iced tea every single place in L.A. has. My standout favorites are Urth Cafe and Farmshop in the Brentwood Country Mart. Urth's is simple and delicious, and Farmshop has a faint Early Grey situation going on and I'm not mad at that.

Did you build up some upper body strength lifting all those deceivingly small boxes?
I throw my back out more than I gain muscle strength! I actually just bought a dolly cart and an industrial scale today because things were getting out hand in the shipping department of the Luv Aj HQ. But bigger boxes mean bigger orders, so I honestly can't complain!

What is the best part of the collection creation process?
Seeing the finished samples. You put so much time and energy into thinking up the piece– picking the chain, figuring out dimensions, sorting out the logistics of how the piece will lay or hang– so when it's all said and done, it's like meeting your newborn baby for the first time (not that I would know). It's so exciting!

What did you do the day after you finished?
Shot the lookbook. Every season, I've been up til at least three in the morning the night before the shoot finishing pieces. I hate being last minute but it always seems to happen this way.

When do you know a collection is complete?
When my showroom is yelling at me for samples! I could keep going and going but there's always a deadline for each season that I have to meet.

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