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Seven days, seven ways: Our fashionable friends show us a week's worth of style

Street Style // Johnie Gall // 11/15/11
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By Angelica Giangregorio

Rhea Cortado Day 1

By Angelica Giangregorio

Rhea Cortado Day 2

By Angelica Giangregorio

Rhea Cortado Day 3

Rhea Cortad Day 4

By Angelica Giangregorio

Rhea Cortado Day 5

Rhea Cortado Day 6

Rhea Cortado Day 7

The Girl: Rhea Cortado
The Blog: The Surftorialist
Where We Spotted Her: The Insight store in Venice

What do you do?
For money I'm a freelance writer for California Apparel News, Transworld Business and various other magazines here and there. For fun I surf around L.A., travel to places where there's surf, consume tons of media and try to bake tasty vegan desserts that don't taste vegan.

What's your fashion philosophy?
I’m going to defer to Dita Von Teese who said something like: "The minute you get lazy with your looks you will run into your ex-boyfriend or his new girlfriend." I’m not totally styled out wearing epic heels all the time—or even most of the time—but I think you should wear what you feel is a representation of you, or the character you want to be. And never wear anything you’d be embarrassed to be seen in if you ran into a future boss, or someone you work with, or whoever. Own less things, but better things.

What's your go-to outfit when you don't know what else to wear?
A racerback tank top with carroty, lightweight denim Levi’s pants and, depending on if its sunny or starry, either a quirky knit wrap sweater and Gravis oxfords or tuxedo jacket and heels.

How does your style reflect your life?
Because I work with the surf and skate lifestyle brands and also meet a lot of young independent designers that have something to say through their products, I like to support them both by using my body as promotional space. I also like to pretend that I live every day as if on island time, so I hoard things that embody that mentality: Aloha print shirts and dresses, vintage tropical touristy T-shirts, neon, brightly colored prints.

What's one piece you owned as a kid you wish you could have now?
It’s a stalemate between a pair of acid wash Guess jeans with zippers and denim bow detail on the ankles and a maroon floral babydoll dress like something you’d see on My-So-Called Life.

What movie would your wardrobe fit in the best?
This is me, blinking, blank stare. I don’t know? Teen coming-of-age movies and break up movies are my favorites so maybe a Whip It meets Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I wish I could say Mad Max but I’m not that cool and sadly don’t have anything by Rick Owens.

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Nov 16, 2011 at 04:20PM Brandi Lisenbe

four, five, and SIX are my favs

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