Guest Blog: Introducing Allison Jester

We found our newest guest blogger in FOAM Community- check in every week for her insider's look at the art world

Community // Itsmutualdear // 11/03/11
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by: Allison Jester
by: Allison Jester

"You know plans are just silly things meant to keep our minds and our hearts from stasis. We ought not put too much stock in them– they'll change soon enough. Not planning is what I specialize in. I find this to be true in my life and in my art.

I feel that if people would just let go of their plans and their perfectionism, then they can truly enjoy what life has to offer and they can ultimately be free to express themselves in creative ways.

Liberation is what I want to explore on this blogging journey. Liberation of the mind, the heart, and the "normal."

I can't wait to share the people who inspire me, my own thoughts and my own artwork with the FOAM world! Better brush up on my blogging skills...

SO, until next time...enjoy life and let your minds burst with creativity!

P.S. I'd like to thank FOAM for picking me to win a sweet gift card to Planet Blue! I'm obsessed with them."


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