Introducing: Muther of All Things

A new Australian swim import bans soggy bottoms from surf once and for all.

Spotlight // Erica Mansfield // 09/28/11
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The Vee 3/4 Rash Top Dot (L), The Deuce Diamond Top


The Lenny in Black (L), The Frankie Wet Jacket


Muther of All Things Designers (L-R) Marisa Sidoti and Joceline Godfrey

There are summer days when we long to throw on some boardshorts and head into the surf like our male friends, free of the worries that come with loose bikini tops and soggy bottoms. When longtime friends Marisa Sidoti and Joceline Godfrey started surfing last year, they quickly realized the need for form-fitting, reliable suits that cling to the body like the best of little black dresses, not like straight jackets. Here we chat with Marisa about what led the two friends to launch their new swim brand, Muther of All Things, a collection of sleek, sexy surf-wear inspired by traditional wetsuits.

What made you decide to start a swim line?
We started to learn how to surf last summer and right away we saw our niche. There are girls who have surfed for years and girls who are just starting out like us and we knew right away we could produce something that would make the experience even better. The collection is made to support and cling in the right places so you can feel confident and free, whether you’re being active or just trying to flaunt your awesome bod.

What's the story behind the name?
We were waiting for the right time to use Muther Of All Things because it has quite a profound meaning. “Muther” meaning the Earth and “All Things” we are intrinsically connected to. We’re also very fond of the abbreviation MOAT!

So nature has played a big part in your lives?
Joceline and I live in Byron Bay, Australia, which is surrounded by national parks. We have also spent a lot of time traveling to amazing parts of the world where we chose to live very simply and close to nature. We actually met in South India about 16 years ago.

Where do you pull inspiration from?
MOAT is definitely a beach-inspired label, due to the fact that we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We both grew up by the ocean and are extremely conscious of the sun while out in the water– we kept this in mind when we chose to create sun protective rash guards and long sleeved leotard-inspired surf suits.

What are some of your favorite details from this collection?
Bright, summer colors like fresh lime and confetti gold, cellular prints and paint splash. We used blacks and grays to bridge together the “Day and Night” concept–our pieces are versatile enough to be worn wet or dry, day or night.

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Oct 12, 2011 at 04:55AM Alto Norsen

they have just launched a 2011 collection with a music video to go with this too!
2nd in the series:
3rd in the series:

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