Keep Company: Keep's Film Fashion Icons

Keep founder Una Kim borrows inspiration from some childhood movie heros

Posts // Una Kim // 09/26/11
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From "E.T."


From "The Goonies"


From "The Karate Kid"


From "The Karate Kid"


From "The Goonies"


From "E.T."

"People always ask where we get inspiration from for our Keep designs and the answers they often want to hear are super niche, underground or obscure references that they can't wait to look up.

Those are awesome, we agree. But if we're really honest, our favorite fashion icons are from kid's movies that we've seen a million times. Of course we love our Catherine Deneuves, the Audrey Hepburns and Charlotte Gainsbourgs of the world, but in terms of actually influencing Keep's steez? It always comes back to the kids. Here are some of our favorites:

The Goonies
Ah, the exploits of a little neighborhood posse of kids who search for hidden pirate booty in order to save their houses from being foreclosed. It's anti-bogus real estate development, pro-DIY, and features pirates. What's not to like? It's a rad movie, one of my favorites, and decades later their outfits are still etched indelibly into my subconscious. If you ignore the dirt, grime, Rocky Road stains and underground cavern water marks, you'll see they are the best dressed crew around.

Josh Brolin was a stud in this movie. He played the older bro Brand, and even though his little gym shorts over sweatpants were extremely questionable– even I knew that at a tender age– his bandana + navy hoodie + cut-off heather raglan sweatshirt combo was bad ass. Data, the Inspector Gadget-meets-Batman Asian kid, had the sweetest surplus jacket, festooned with a plethora of awesome patches. Chunk, the chubby klutz of "Truffle Shuffle" fame, was a chromatic explosion in his Hawaiian shirt and red windbreaker. Corey Feldman, a.k.a. Mouth, rocked a Purple Rain t-shirt and a Members Only jacket and Mikey, little Mikey, with his asthma, was like a mini James Dean in his streamlined t-shirt and denim jacket. Swoon.

Yes, the classic featuring an extraterrestrial with the glowing finger. Elliot's red sweatshirt and raglan tees are the most memorable for me. Best dressed BMX crew hands down! But Elliot's gear was pretty amazing throughout the whole movie, ranging from overalls to flannel shirts. And Gertie is so freaking cute. Her corduroy overalls/striped turtleneck outfit is just perfected by the yarn ribbons tied around her pigtails. Too awesome.

The Karate Kid
I re-watched Karate Kid years after it came out and it was hard for me to figure out why I had such a crush on Ralph Macchio. He was such a wimp in the movie. I definitely could have taken him one on one. But then I realized it was the clothes I loved– he is the complete predecessor to '90s indie fashion with his perfectly broken-in plaid shirts over perfectly broken-in ringer tees. And there's just something about '80s sweatshirts that get me every single time. Not the puffy pastel ones or the weird off-the-shoulder ones the girls wear. I'm talking about all those heather grey raglan ones and the solid primary color hoodies the boys rock! It's no wonder I have a collection of red hoodies and red windbreakers hanging in my closet. Also, although the Cobra Kai were totally lame, their uniforms were seriously sweet. And Daniel-san's shower costume for Halloween was genius. Maybe I'll do that this October..."

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