Guest Blog: Laura Enever in NYC

Surfer Laura Enever takes a bite of the Big Apple with FOAM during Fashion Week.

Posts // Laura Enever // 09/13/11
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By Laura Enever

By Laura Enever

By Laura Enever

By Laura Enever

By Laura Enever

By Laura Enever

By Laura Enever

"Ok. I've been in New York City for four days and I feel like I have been here for two weeks! It's non-stop moving all day and night with so much going on it's almost overwhelming, but at the same time absolutely incredible. I now see why it's 'The city that never sleeps'– dinner reservations are made for 10 pm. You don't have time to be tired but then again maybe I'm just so dang excited about it all that being tired isn't on my mind!

Day 3: Believe it or not I got up early for some boot camp! It wasn't hard, just cruising, but it was good to feel active like that again (or least pretend to be). However, after wearing heels all day long, I'm going to put it out there and say those shoes have to be one of the best workouts around. We hit up some more shows and it's so cool to see how different and unique each of them are. Then we got some more hair and makeup done for our nightly events–fun!

Day 4: Amazing brunch (there are so many dining places around so many!). I got invited to pop over and watch the Teen Vogue Fashion show, which was bright and brilliant. The teen models were amazing.

BOOM– I'm in love with NYC.

xx- Laura"

Check out the beginning of Laura's trip as she guest blogs from the Big City.

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