February 23, 2009

Bat for Lashes youtube teaser

Bat For Lashes

takes Joshua Tree…

and Foam!

The mystical powers of the desert are on full display in this new video by our favorite mystical songstress, Natasha Khan. a.k.a Bat for Lashes, who will be on the cover of Foam’s Music and Art issue! We’ll be back with more from this sound sorceress in just a few weeks, including the inspiration for her new album, Two Suns, and her earth-glam fashion sense. In the mean time, hear snippets from the record as Natasha road trips through Joshua Tree, soaking up the wonders of wide open spaces, dancing with shining orbs and flowing gowns, meeting talented people like Derek James of the beloved L.A. freak-folk ensemble The Entrance Band. Makes us want to drop everything and head for the hills—or at least listen to more Bat for Lashes…

-Cristina Black