February 23, 2009

Currently Listening- Lily Allen’s New Album

L ast week, Lily Allen debuted her sophomore effort, It’s Not Me, It’s You, a follow-up to the immense 2007 release Alright, Still. Now that we’ve had a week to listen to it, we’ve decided it’s an excellent album (despite anything Perez Hilton has to say about Ms. Allen). She sassily critiques her peers and herself on “Everyone’s At It” and first single “The Fear”. On “Kabul Sh*t”, she comments on her confusion on the state of the world. And of course, she spills her guts on her relationships with men, notably on”He Wasn’t There” about her father, and an ex-lover on “I Could Say”. Most of all, “Him” sounds like “These Days” for 2009. Even if you haven’t been a fan of hers in the past, It’s Not Me, It’s You is definitely worth a listen.
– Nina

February 23, 2009

Paris Dispatch #1

Our Euro-trip might never end with our weekly dispatches from Paris. Foam contributor Joyce Ho traveled to France with some studying on her schedule, but is managing also to keep us updated on all the goodies we’re missing out on stuck here at home. Tune in every week for more Francophile news and tidbits.


Paris–synonymous with high style, art, and fashion. After living in the city of lights for the past seven months I have found that Paris is full of hidden treasures and there are new and interesting things to be discovered everyday. On a recent walk around the city I passed what seemed to be a sparse and somewhat dodgy park/playground, but as we all know some of the best things don’t always come in pretty packages.

Not too far from La Tour Eiffel is Paris’ own personal street gallery, where one can find graffiti artists adding their art to the park walls on a daily basis. The whole playground is a street artists’ canvas with not so much as the trees or curbs left un tagged. So, after a chic walk through the Eifel Tower make sure to turn the corner and hit the graffiti park for some artistically vandalized viewing pleasure.

February 23, 2009

Funny Guys - Michael Cera laughs hard



Dudes, you HAVE to watch Clark and Michael
It’s 10, 10 minute sketches= 100 minutes of pure joy. My most hilarious homie told me about this show and I’ve been savoring every second of it’s genius since. The opening sequence gets me every time. We love you Michael Cera, We love so hard.

-Quinn Asteak

February 23, 2009

Bat for Lashes youtube teaser

Bat For Lashes

takes Joshua Tree…

and Foam!

The mystical powers of the desert are on full display in this new video by our favorite mystical songstress, Natasha Khan. a.k.a Bat for Lashes, who will be on the cover of Foam’s Music and Art issue! We’ll be back with more from this sound sorceress in just a few weeks, including the inspiration for her new album, Two Suns, and her earth-glam fashion sense. In the mean time, hear snippets from the record as Natasha road trips through Joshua Tree, soaking up the wonders of wide open spaces, dancing with shining orbs and flowing gowns, meeting talented people like Derek James of the beloved L.A. freak-folk ensemble The Entrance Band. Makes us want to drop everything and head for the hills—or at least listen to more Bat for Lashes…

-Cristina Black

February 20, 2009

Japanese Motors–Gearing up for Tour



Everyone’s favorite surf band, the Japanese Motors are revving up for spring with a new EP, and tour dates supporting Modest Mouse.

PERCEPTION OF REALITY digital only EP drops March 3rd on Vice Music , and The Motors begin their tour w/ Modest Mouse Feb 22nd right here in Cali. Stay tuned here at Foam for more info. Also, check out Cristina Black’s Foam interview with them here!

February 16, 2009

Andrew Bird–Plays LA

Catch one of FindCream’s own picks Andrew Bird at the Orpheum Theatre in LA on Feb 18th.

To read more or for ticket information see AndrewBird.net or go to TicketMaster.com


February 13, 2009

Volcom gallery presents “LOVE BYETZ!”


Volcom’s girl’s spring ‘09 featured art collection is for the first time composed of all female artists! Go Girls! Titled “Love Byetz!”, it’s showing for the rest of the month of Febuary thru to mid-March at the Volcom store in LA.

As a companion to the art on display, Volcom also has 10 hand designed and created purses on sale! Each purse is unique, and created by different featured artists. $50 bucks a pop and all proceeds go to a supported charity. Artists featured are: Mel Kadel, Lori D, Dashenka, Emily Hoy, Imok, Niki Kelce, Foi Jimenez, and Susan Maddox.

Get on down/up/over to LA’s Volcom store now, and walk out with a piece of art on your arm. Literally.

For more info go to Volcom.com/girls Store located at 126 La Brea Ave. LA


February 9, 2009

Mollusk gallery show in LA

To all those that missed it the first time Space 15 Twenty is still open to view all the work from the Mollusk Feb 6th gallery show.

A collection of work from the Mollusk Surf Shop crew. After viewing if you still don’t understand the movement behind this underground surf life, there’s probably little hope for you. As scenester/hipster/loser/beach bum as you can get. Works from Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Rachel Kay, Alex Kopps and more.

Now on view at Space 15 Twenty. 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. LA 90028

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