All Hail Choctál

Choctál reinvents traditional ice cream flavors.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 02/06/15
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Not all chocolates and vanillas are created equal, just ask the team behind Choctál, a line of premium ice cream that is built around just two core flavors. Though the move to focus on traditional flavors sounds risky in our current state of over-the-top, experimental food and drink, the strategy makes perfect sense once you dig your spoon a little deeper into the Pasadena-based company’s goal and mission.

To be clear, Choctál actually has eight flavors which include four variations of chocolate and four variations of vanilla. Named after the regions from which the ice cream’s cacao or vanilla is harvested, each ice cream has its own distinct flavor profile that reflects its country of origin. There are hints of butterscotch in the Costa Rican Chocolate, for instance, while the fudge-like Ghana Chocolate is noticeably dense and decadent. The vanilla flavors are exceptional as well, particularly the subtly fruity Papua New Guinea Vanilla and the rich Madagascar Vanilla. All of the single-origin flavors are lush and intense, which is even more impressive since Choctál is all-natural, gluten-free and free of artificial additives and eggs. As a company, Choctál is committed to being sustainable and community-driven, which makes going for that second scoop all the more rewarding.

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