Tuneage Tuesday: 2:54

Making music is a family affair for indie UK duo 2:54.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 12/02/14
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PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of TwoFiftyFour.net.

PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of TwoFiftyFour.net.

The second time’s the charm for London-based indie-alternative band 2:54, as the duo’s recent sophomore album The Other I delivers a mature, atmospheric sound that has blossomed since the band’ 2012 self-titled debut album. Lead by sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, 2:54 balances confident melodies and Collette’s rich, retro-inspired vocals with Hannah’s impressive, versatile lead guitar skills for a sound that is just as much grunge as it is pop.

While the band’s music exudes a self-assuredness that can easily be attributed to the duo’s sisterly bond, 2:54 is nothing if not comfortable in their vulnerability. With “Blindfold,” a track from The Other I, 2:54 pairs assertive, 80s and 90s-pop tinged melodies with heartfelt lyrics that anyone who has felt a sense of yearning could identify with. You can watch the video for “Blindfold” below:

As a band still coming into its own, 2:54 is hitting a stride. Their intensity is on par with Lorde while their willingness to experiment across genres rivals fellow sister band HAIM, proving that an edgy, accessible band like 2:54 just may be right on time.

The Other I is available on iTunes now.

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