Finger on the Puls

A new smart phone and bracelet hybrid from Will.I.Am takes wearable technology to another level.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 12/19/14
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PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of

PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of

What do you get the person that has everything? How about an innovative cuff bracelet that allows users to make calls, use apps and listen to music with a tap on the wrist.

Puls, the latest project from Will.I.Am, is looking to get in on the wearable technology scene by replacing your watch with a fully-functional computer and smart phone.

Built with its own Android operating system, the computerized cuff comes complete with voice recognition software that makes it easy to locate all of your phone contacts, texts and emails. In addition to storing your own music library, which can be enjoyed via bluetooth or the cuff’s impressive tiny speaker, Puls also has a QWERTY keyboard and miniature versions of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Siri-like voice command function named AneedA is similar to a virtual personal assistant, and can swiftly help users find information located online or on the device. As of now, AT&T is the only phone carrier compatible with Puls though it also allows users to connect to wifi to use the device.

Puls is available now for $399 plus an AT&T service agreement.