SUPilates: Paddleboarding Meets Pilates

A new workout encourages you to do pilates on a stand up paddleboard.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 11/25/14
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PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of SUPilates.

No one can argue with the fitness benefits of stand up paddleboarding. In addition to being the ideal alternative to surfing when waves are low, paddleboarding provides a high intensity, low impact workout that strengthens your core back and abdominal muscles and burns calories without damaging your joints. Equally beneficial—though entirely different in style and execution—pilates also targets the core and improves strength, flexibility and awareness through routine movements and stretches.

Taking key elements from both workouts is SUPilates, a new hybrid workout that combines traditional moves from pilates with stand up paddleboarding. In SUPilates, students complete basic pilates moves like roll ups, tendon stretches and kneeling sidekicks all while stabilizing on an oversized canoe paddleboard. In order to maintain stabilization during a  SUPilates workout, students must learn to gain control of their movements while working the abdominals in flexion which allows them to maintain the stability on the unstable board while making the exercise more challenging.

SUPilates classes are only available in select cities throughout Florida, Hawaii and along the East Coast, but the water workout is becoming increasing more popular amongst water fitness instructors. You can learn more about SUPilates here.