3 Art Galleries to Follow on Instagram

If you need a daily dose of creativity and inspiration, follow these art galleries on Instagram.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 11/13/14
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PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/ohwowgallery

How do we love Instagram? Let us count the ways! There are endless reasons why Instagram has become the go-to social network for just about everyone with a camera phone, but the true appeal of the photo-driven mobile app is the ability to share and discover the world through any lens you care to follow. For artists and galleries looking to share work far beyond the confines of a single space, Instagram invites the world into galleries via a single app. There’s always room to follow inspiring accounts on the network, so here are three of our favorite art galleries on Instagram.

OHWOW Gallery

PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/ohwowgallery

OHWOW has galleries in Los Angeles and New York, and their Instagram features work from edgy on display from artists like Jacolby Satterwhite, Torey Thornton and legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Fifty24SF Gallery

PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of nstagram.com/Fifty24SF Gallery

The San Franciso art gallery is famous for showcasing artists that push the boundaries, and thankfully, that is reflected in their cool, irreverent Instagram posts. Fifty24sf’s feed makes sure you never miss out on seeing the latest illustrations from Jayde Fish or Usugrow.

Subliminal Projects

PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/SubliminalProjects

It’s no surprise that a gallery owned by Shepard Fairey would have an Instagram feed full of bold, experimental artwork that spans genres and mediums. Fairey curates exhibits that push the boundaries of visual, performance and audible art, and the Instagram account provides a glimpse into Subliminal Projects’ eclectic and inspiring world.