Summer Style Horoscope

Astrologer Aurora Tower looks to the stars to choose the perfect summer fashion pieces for each sign.

Articles // Aurora Tower // 06/17/14
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Astrologer and contributor Aurora Tower is well versed in giving personal advice, but she also knows fashion, having analyzed red carpet looks and done a reading for designer Charlotte Ronson. We asked Tower to combine her astrological intuition and sartorial savvy to give us a summer style forecast. Here she shares her carefully curated picks-specific to each sign, of course-that are sure to have you feeling cute and confident this season.

Gemini: You are all about prints and playful, colorful summer styles. Roxy’s Moroccan Moon Bikini gives you the splash of color you are looking for and will also look great under all your favorite tanks.

Cancer: Cozy, comfy layering is par for the course when it comes to your beach style! You tend to favor luxurious materials, like Rag & Bone’s supersoft Camden Long Sleeve Tee, that will look perfect when the shade rolls in at the beach or with your summer uniform of blues and whites.

Virgo: You love black and white-I mean, why mess with perfection? And while you tend to favor simple styles, you always look for interesting details like the accordion pleats on this MSGM white skirt. You will be able to dress it up or down in a million different ways using your trademark accessories.

Sagittarius: You love the appeal of the great outdoors and the great unknown, and the tribal pattern of the Camilla Shoestring Playsuit suits your outgoing and adventurous personality to a T!

Leo: You are a true summer baby! You love to mix all different looks during these months. Ground your glamorous style with simple, gorgeous sandals like Vince Camuto’s strappy flats.

Libra: Just because the heat is on doesn’t mean you will give up your feminine style. Sexy little cover-ups-such as Sheinside’s pink lace number-bring charm and sophistication to your beach looks.

Scorpio: You have a knack for picking edgy and unique accessories. A gold antique lace ring is just the kind of provocative yet understated flash you love to add to your summer style mix.

Capricorn: You like to stick to a mostly neutral color palette, but love to add a bit of a boho edge. This black fringe bag goes with everything and perfectly channels your sign mate, Capricorn fashion icon Kate Moss.

Aquarius: You are one of the few signs that can pull off bright colors and extra shine! Bring them together in the most classic and fun way possible, with a pair of electric blue Ray Ban aviators that will make you the envy of every girl on the beach.

Pisces: You love items that have some kind of personal meaning or significance and these Kei Drop Point necklaces will have you daydreaming of magical places while you soak in the sun.

Aries: You are an active person who loves to be on the go, which means a thorough dedication to sunscreen and super-stylish hats. This Brixton wide-brim felt hat brings the perfect amount of high style to the sand.

Taurus: You love luxe fabrics and Mulberry’s ballet pink silk scarf is just the kind of essential you can use in a million different ways: as a beach wrap, neck warmer or hanky panky accessory.

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