Over the Moon for Moon Juice

Venice resident and cult juicing favorite Moon Juice has opened the doors of its second location in Silver Lake. We caught up with owner Amanda Chantal Bacon to get the lowdown.

Articles // Alyssa Casas // 09/30/13
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Moon Juice owner Amanda Chantal Bacon.

Nestled in a strip mall on the bustling W. Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake, Amanda Chantal Bacon knew this was home for her second Moon Juice location.

“I lived over here for a while and then I moved to Venice and ended up opening the first Moon Juice there,” says Chantal Bacon. “I mean, I just have such a community over here. It’s so great to be back. I had to open it for my friends!”

The clean but inviting shop, which Chantal Bacon conceptualized with her friends, is larger than the Venice location. There are shelves of 100 percent organic oils, lotions and toothpastes, copies of The Body Ecology Diet and Super Foods: The Food and Medicine of the Future are stacked between large crystals and succulents. Juices are lined up like nature’s coloring box and aged macadamia cheese, shallot and soft herb cheese, and smoked chile cheese, all from Moon Juice’s new line of raw, unsprouted organic foods, look almost too pretty to eat.

Chantal Bacon comes from a fine dining background, but her enthusiasm for health and wellness was what inspired Moon Juice.

“I guess Moon Juice is more of a marriage, just more of my culinary background and my passion for health and my own life,” she says. “I definitely wanted to bring health to other people.”

So what are the benefits of cold pressed juices? Chantal Bacon says there is nothing they can’t do. “They are here to save the world,” she laughs.

What sets Moon Juice apart from other juice shops is their CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) certification, plus they are now offering a sweet and savory menu of raw food options.

“I think that is a big, big thing that sets us apart,” says Chantal Bacon. “We make truly medicinal green juices, so it is not a green juice just to be green. I source everything from the highest possible source. Whether it be a farmer or scientist or artisanal producer which has all the best [produce] that I could possibly find. And now we are offering not only organic juice but we do have a whole food program now. We are offering a nut and seed milk bar and a whole line of raw unsprouted organic foods.”

A few items on the new menu: vanilla chia pudding, dark chocolate mousse made with raw cacao, fig marmalade bars, herb and cheese crisps and raw pili nut pate with shallot and herbs. As for the newbie juicer, Bacon recommends to go green, even on a first try.

“I would recommend one of our more balanced green juices that incorporates ginger, lemon and some green apple, like the Cilantro Celery Punch,” she says. “I also really love, for a green juice, the Cucumber, Pineapple & Jalapeño.”

With food now on the Moon Juice menu and Chantal Bacon back to her cooking roots, does she see herself opening up a restaurant in the future?”I’m pretty happy with this project, but I’ve learned never to say never,” she says with a sly smile.

-Open seven days a week, 7am-7pm; moonjuiceshop.com

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