Cycling in Water? Take a Dip in New York’s Newest Spin Studio

The bikes are in the pool at recently opened Aqua Studio NY.

Articles // Johnie Gall // 05/13/13
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Spin in Aqua Studio NY's pool studio. Photo courtesy of Aqua Studio NY.

We’ve often fantasized about pedaling straight into the ocean when things get sweaty during our weekly spin classes, and with the recent opening of New York’s newest boutique spinning studio our water workout dreams are finally coming true.

Last month, Aqua Studio NY (78 Franklin Street, New York) opened the doors to its innovative spin floor where-get this-the bikes are submerged in a pool. Female-only members don rubber spinning shoes and swimsuits for 45-minute classes which include high-octane music and interval training (much like dry classes).

Sounds refreshing, but what’s the benefit of Aquaspinning? Fans says the water reduces impact on joints and adds resistance for a more high-intensity workout. Aqua Studio offers a rustic wood locker room and a floor reserved for a future cafe and juice bar. Male proponents will get access to the studio when the men’s locker room opens later this year. Here’s hoping the idea spreads to our side of the country soon, or we may just pedal our way into the Pacific.

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