Let Rerun Do the Vintage Hunting For You

Articles // Johnie Gall // 03/04/13
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Notre Dame crewneck sweatshirt, $65, shoprerun.com.

It’s no secret a great piece of vintage can transform your wardrobe, but the thought of actually digging through endless racks at the Goodwill always sends us running back to the online mega-retailers.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution to our less-than-aggressive attitude towards vintage: Rerun, the newly-launched sister site of Denim Refinery, where you’ll find a well-curated selection of vintage sweatshirts, dresses, skirts and pants that have been treated with the same washing and silicone treatment as the company’s denim-meaning they’re fresh, soft and ready for your closet.

Shopping Rerun also means the secondhand hunting is done for you. The most on-trend looks-like a black and white oversized jacket or a delicate blue Aztec-print tunic-and classic pieces are no longer hiding between Little League T-shirts with suspicious stains. Regards to Macklemore, but we’ll leave the search to someone else.


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