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Articles // Hayley Decker // 03/19/12
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DIY Coasters!

DIY Coasters!

As our iPhone libraries begin to overflow, we’re always on the search for practical, tangible uses for our Instagram snaps. Spruce up your place or dish these D.I.Y. coasters out to your friends to remind you all of your latest outdoor adventure/ music festival outing/ seafaring weekend. Or the newest FOAM cover of course.

What You’ll Need:

-4-inch round, flat cork pieces

-Modge Podge glue

-Card stock paper

-Instagram print-outs

-Foam or felt mounting dots

How To Make Them:

1. Using the cork piece, trace a circle onto the card stock and the picture print to make sure the size of the materials match.

2. Spread a thin layer of the Modge Podge onto the cork, then place the card stock on top.

3. Do the same with your Instagram shot, and seal with another thin layer of the glue.

4. Stick four mounting dots on the back.

Bottoms up!

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