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Guest blogger Emily Yeoh grills the founder of a new radio station out of Londontown.

Articles // Emily Yeoh // 10/26/11
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London seems to have the jump on the music scene at the moment- we’d mastered Spotify by the time it hit the States and now a brand new radio station, NTS, is taking over the airwaves as a forum for fresh ideas. Born from the blog NutstoSoup.com, NTS streamed for the first time this past April. Wanting to fill a void in the creative community of musically-minded and forward-thinking people in London, founder Femi Adeyemi launched NTS as an idea bigger than just another online community radio station. “It’s a unique platform for inspired people to present their findings, passions and obsessions,” says Femi.

To realize his dream of running his own radio station, Femi teamed up with radio veteran Claire Urbahn. “I’ve worked in various avenues of radio for over ten years now, so starting a station from scratch seems like the natural progression,” says Urbahn. “All those years editing audio, critiquing DJs, constructing new show concepts, ironing out rough schedules and rewiring dodgy technical equipment come into play everyday now.” Curious about the man behind the music, I sat down with Femi and fired away:

NTS has grown so much already in the short time it’s been around. Where do you see it heading in the next two years?

We hope in the next two years to be an established, well-respected radio station, mainly for the quality of our content.

If you had endless amounts of time and money, what would you create with it?

I’d take boat building lessons and build my own boat from scratch.

Bands or DJs?

I love a bit of both to be honest, but might sway slightly towards DJs.

Analogue or digital?


Do you like nuts with your soup?

I tend to prefer nuts after my soup.

Tune into NTS Live!

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