Guest Editor: Lauren Dukoff

This month, we handed over our mighty editorial reins to our favorite cool girl photographer Lauren Dukoff

Articles // Lauren Dukoff // 09/23/11
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f. After cutting her teeth as Autumn de Wilde’s protogé, embedding herself into L.A.’s freak folk scene and releasing her book Family, Lauren Dukoff became one of the most sought-after and exciting celebrity photographers around. Here, the photographer known as much for her enviable Rolodex as her intimate and deeply personal aesthetic, opens up about her crazy-talented friends and how they inspire her both personally and professionally.


I met Adele when she was 19 years old; it was before her first record had come out in the US. Photographing her was such a pleasure, her large doleful eyes were mesmerizing and her talent was overwhelming. Shortly after that shoot and the release of 19 in the US her career skyrocketed. I was invited to document the recording of her sophomore album 21 in Malibu. It was then that I really got to know Adele, watching her create her record was truly awe-inspiring, such passion and true talent that is rarely seen these days. Long days at the studio led to lazy evenings at the house she was renting while making the record in Malibu. She would complain of missing her dog Louis, named after Louis Armstrong, a darling dachshund that had stolen her heart. I completely understood: my dog Lulu, a sweet pitbull, is the love of my life and I often refer to her as my first-born.

Ashley Furnival

Ashley is more than just my wardrobe stylist, she is my best friend. We became friends at the age of 13. We shared many Huckleberry Finn-esque adventures together, bike riding along streams, climbing tree and swimming in the ocean. We truly came into our own together, around the time she discovered fashion I found my love for photography. We use to dream about working together when we grew up, so far we have stuck to our teenage pack. I am so lucky to be able to work and collaborate with my best friend who happens to be incredibly talented.

Binki Shapiro

Binks Magoo as I like to call her is truly one of the greatest photographic muses in my life. Looking at Binki through the lens is like looking at a young Jane Birkin or Bridget Bardot. She oozes casual confidence and understated sex appeal. Binki and I have had mutual friends since we were teenagers but didn’t truly become friends until Devendra Banhart reintroduced us. It was the time before the Little Joy record came out. Per Devendra’s suggestion I began documenting the band, which led to my photographic crush on Binki. To this day I am constantly photographing her for various magazines and personal projects. Her beauty and talent never ceases to inspire me.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte

Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s talent blows my mind. Simple as that. Every season their creations knock my socks off. I met Kate and Laura through Autumn de Wilde, who I use to work for and has been my mentor. We share a deep passion for horror films, which has taken us to the Fangoria Festival and Universal Studio’s Horror Nights. One of the funniest things ever was one time at Horror Nights Kate, Laura and I were ambushed by “zombies”. Laura just took off leaving Kate and I to fend for ourselves. We now know if there was ever a Zombie invasion, Laura would leave us in the dust!

Alison Bernier

Ali and I share a passion for photography but above all we love to laugh. Whether I am cracking up over her Australian slang or her ability to call me out on my ridiculous behavior when the two of us are together the giggling never stops. Ali has an incredible talent. I like to think of her as a master of natural light. Her photos are often backlit and sun filled. Although originally from Australia I feel her images truly embody the California spirit.

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