Q&A: Aimee Santos of SwellMayde

Get to know the blogger before our DIY session this Saturday at Alternative Apparel.

Articles // Johnie Gall // 07/21/11
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Aimee Santos of SwellMayde

If you haven’t noticed, we at FOAM are all about DIYing (see some of our own DIYs). That’s why we scooped up SwellMayde founder and director Aimee Santos and asked her to teach us how to recreate a basic tee for our second DIY Summer Session, this Saturday at Alternative Apparel. Here, we get to know the girl behind the needle and thread:

Name: Aimee Santos

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Why did you start SwellMayde?

I was talking to a friend about something I had made, and she responded saying, “I’m not creative. I could never make that.” This broke my heart, and it inspired me to start SwellMayde. The blog is about embracing your own creativity, finding inspiration in the world around you, and bringing it to reality with your own two hands. There’s something so beautiful about making something yourself, and knowing it is truly one of a kind.

What’s the DIY you’re most proud of so far?

I would say my DIY envelope clutch. I not only love it for my everyday outfits, but I love the simplicity of the instructions.

What does a good DIY toolbox include?

A good DIY toolbox contains scissors, needle and thread, glue, ruler, and a cupcake (break-time is a necessity).

What is your go-to outfit for a day in Venice?

Can’t go wrong with a white top, denim cutoffs, and straw hat.

How did you come up with the DIY for our Alternative Apparel DIY Summer Session Event and why should we get excited about it?

I wanted the DIY to be perfect for the season, something very beach inspired. This DIY is super versatile. It can be easily paired with a flowy maxi dress/skirt or thrown over your swimsuit, and can give an outfit that instant summer vibe.

So, are you stoked for Saturday?

So stoked!! I feel honored to have been asked by Foam and Alternative Apparel to be a part of this great event. I am extremely excited to spend the day spreading creativity and meeting new people.

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