DIY: Cotton Club

Alternative Apparel design director Lissa Zwahlen sets her sights west.

Articles // Zinzi Edmundson // 05/09/11
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FOAM June/July DIY Lissa Zwahlen photographed by Karl Rothenberger

After decades spent helping surf giants like Mossimo, Hurley and Quiksilver beef up their style cred, designer Lissa Zwahlen has set her sights on L.A.’s own cult label Alternative Apparel. So, what’s the savviest lady in surfwear got up her gauzy cotton sleeves this time? A debut summer collection featuring fresh and light wovens, buttery soft knits and military-chic canvas bags, Zwahlen’s “Wandering West” collection-inspired by the textures of Tokyo-will take you from the street to the beach and back again.

Below, check out the detailed DIY with the complete steps!

1. Lay sweatshirt on flat surface. Smooth out any wrinkles and align any side seams.

2. Using sharp fabric shears, cut off sleeves several inches below arm hole. Cuff sleeves.

3. Cut out one semi-circle with a 2-inch radius from each shoulder.

4. And you’re done!