Warm Up with A Pre-Surf Workout from Goldfish Kiss

With a band and a beach, the world is your gym

Health & Fitness // Goldfish Kiss // 01/18/12
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Goldfish Kiss
Set 1: Sprint 50 yards back and forth
Set 2: Sprint 30 yards back...
Set 3: Sprint 15 yards back...

I tend to get bored working out, so I like to get to the beach whenever possible and mix things up. In fact, with a little bit of creativity and a resistance band, I'm convinced the world can be your gym.

Here is one of my favorite workouts. It gets your heart poundin', all your muscles burnin', and your metabolism pumpin', just in time for a surf session.

The Beach Interval Band Workout

What You'll Need:
-Resistance band
-Open space where you can sprint at least 50 yards (a beach, park, field, track, etc.)
*For yardage, one long step = roughly one yard

Warmup: Slow jog for about five minutes to warm up your muscles and make sure you stretch.

Set 1:

1. Sprint back and forth 50 yards as fast as you can

2. Band squat and press x 10

3. Stand on band, feet shoulder width apart, holding handles at your shoulders. A) Squat down, then B) stand up, and straighten arms overhead.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 back to back 10 times with no rest. Don't worry, it gets easier!

Rest 2 minutes after round 10.

Set 2:

1. Sprint back and forth 30 yards as fast as you can

2. Bent over row, RDL, Upright row combo x 10

3. Stand on band, feet shoulder width apart, cross handles in front. A) Bend over (make sure back is flat) and row upwards. Then B) with arms still flexed and band tight, straighten your back (you will feel this in your butt and hamstrings) then C) pull handles straight upwards in an upright row (elbows should be above your wrists).

Repeat 1 and 2 back to back 10 times. No rest.

Rest 1.5 minutes after round 10.

Set 3:

1. Sprint back and forth 15 yards as fast as you can

2. Push up with mountain climbers x 5

3. A) Do a push up, when you straighten your arms at the end B) bring one left knee in towards your chest, then alternate. For added resistance drag your toes in the sand while you are bringing each knee in towards your chest.

Repeat 1 & 2 back to back 6 times.

Done! Last step: jump in the ocean.

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May 31, 2012 at 01:23AM Neo Anderson

Warm up is very important when you do any kind of workout. In Surf Workout, this is much important that you warm up your body to avoid any kind of health issues.

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