Show Review: Frank Fairfield and Blind Boy Paxton

A blast from the past with the old timey sounds of our new favorite Redwood Bar performers

Tuneage // Dawn Gregory // 01/06/12
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Frank Fairfield
Frank Fairfield

One of our favorite things about L..A is the fact that there's always something going on every night of the week. Some of the best nights are either A.) perfectly planned, researched, and executed, or B.) pleasantly stumbled upon. Monday night was definitely a B night.

It was a rather deserted night in downtown as we walked into Redwood Bar only to find dapper young men tuning their instruments in the corner. Free show? Score. It was soon brought to our attention that Frank Fairfield and Blind Boy Paxton were performing that night. Playing the guitar, banjo, and fiddle they immediately took control of the bar. There was hootin' and hollerin', square dancing, and clapping. All of a sudden it didn't feel like we were in L.A. anymore.

Upon further research, Fairfield and Paxton are both in their early '20s but play the type of music that sounds like it's fit for the olden days. Not to mention they totally looked the part as well, in long sleeved shirts buttoned up all the way and vests, Fairfield with one stellar mustache. Sure, it's not our typical FOAM progressive pace of music, but Frank Fairfield and Blind Boy Paxton were entertaining, passionate and played lighthearted fun music, just the way we like it! Check out the videos below and you'll see what we mean:

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