Meet Ashley Glorioso

Girl Friday for Planet Blue, Purse 'n Boots blogger, the girl you'd drink a 40 with while talking fashion.

Girl Crush // Chau Tu // 12/08/11
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By Zoey Grossman

Ashley Glorioso

By Zoey Grossman

Ashley Glorioso

You were born and raised in L.A. How would describe the style here?
Laid back. I don’t necessarily fit in to L.A. in some ways. I would never wear sweatpants out of the house—that would never happen. It always freaks me out when people wear workout clothes around.

Well then, what’s your take on California style?
I love cutoff shorts – any day that I can get away with shorts, I will. Kind of a mix of dirtbag bohemian gypsy, a little thrown together. My style’s a melting pot; I try to grab a little bit of everything.

You're always draped in tons of necklaces and rings upon rings. What's with your obsession?
I’ve always stuck a ring on every finger before walking out the door. I think it’s interesting to look at. I love looking at people’s hands and necks. The older I get, I’m turning into Miss Haversham. Eventually, I’m going to seriously have 60 pounds of jewelry on.

Fashion's your job, but your blog shows that you like to have fun with it too.
I respect other bloggers’ seriousness—their heels and their full get-ups—but it’s like, were you just wearing that for the picture or were you really dragging it around all day? I have to take fashion seriously so often, so when it comes to my blog, I try to make fun of it as much as I can. Because when you’re standing in front of the camera and making sexy faces, you’re like, everyone’s going to see this, I just can’t. I’m going to stick my tongue out, and give the finger. I want people to think that they can get fashion advice from me and then go out and drink a 40 and go skateboarding.

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