Surfing At the Gym

A winter weather alternative or completely coo-coo?

Health & Fitness // Johnie Gall // 12/07/11
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By Daniella Zalcman

SurfSET's Sarah Ponn leading a RipSurfer X class.

This morning we stumbled across an article in the Wall Street Journal about the RipSurfer X, an exercise machine that simulates the feel of surfing.

Let us elaborate: According to the WSJ, "fitness seekers use a machine called the RipSurfer X, an actual surfboard affixed atop inflatable medicine balls. Participants do surf moves– paddling, pushing up, grinding– indoors, to rock and surf music and projected images of surfers."

Really? Somehow this harkens back to the "let's shed a tear for all those stuck in traffic on the way to the gym to ride the stationary bike" sentiment. (See also: "Guitar Hero")

Then again, it is a neat alternative for days when the surf isn't pumping or you don't feel like squeezing in a wetsuit.

What do you think?

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