FOAM's Top 10 Music Moments of 2011

The ten things that made our music editor smile this year

Holiday Guide // Cristina Black // 12/06/11
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1. Hanni el Khatib’s pompadour
He destroys the guitar and uses Murray’s, the stuff greaser dudes slathered on their hair in the ‘50s. What a dreamboat.

2. Adele’s performance of “Someone Like You” at the Brit Awards
I’m sure this is one for the ages, because I can’t imagine a time when it won’t make me weep. And that eye makeup!

3. Fool’s Gold’s single “Wild Window”
Save for Adele’s entire album, this is the best relationship workout of the year.

4. EMA’s “California” vid
“F*ck California. You made me boring,” Erika M. Anderson sang, signaling the end of the Best Coast era.

5. Amy Andronicus’ feminist musings
She recently parted ways with her band Titus Andronicus, but Amy Klein’s blog about being a lady, a rock & roller or any combination thereof remains a consistently sharp read. She interviewed Marnie Stern for Foam’s music issue—an honor for all involved.

6. Lykke Li’s witchy wardrobe
Our February cover girl made damn sure nobody called her cute this year. The Druid-chic makeover and permanently furrowed brow did the trick.

7. Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” vid
Never mind the debatable authenticity of her outsize lips. The voice curving around them made me want to straight up ache for a gangster guy. And hey look it’s Tupac!

8. Guards’ set at Rockaway
Summer 2011 had to end eventually, and these guys helped us usher it out awesomely at our September party at NYC surfer subsistence spot Ripper’s.

9. Cults’ eponymous debut
Tell me what’s wrong with my brain, ‘cause I seem to have lost it to two art school dropouts who like to sing catchy ooo-ooo-ooos in a wash of reverb.

10. Girls That Look Like Skrillex Tumblr
It was like the buzz heard ‘round Beatport when the huge-getting-huger DJ/producer Skrillex shaved one side of his long dark mane. An instant iconic look paired with his pale skin and black glasses, Skrill’s steeze spawned electronica’s answer to Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

And for #11, check out the Very Foamy Holiday Playlist!!

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