DIY: Roxy Denim Tutorial with Torah Bright

Roxy Snowboarder Torah Bright Teaches Us to DIY Our Denim

DIY // Ashton Spatz // 12/06/11
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By Ashton Spatz

Step 1: Pick It

By Ashton Spatz

Step 2: Patch It

By Ashton Spatz

By Ashton Spatz

Step 3: Sew It

By Ashton Spatz

By Ashton Spatz

Step 4: Pin It

By Ashton Spatz

By Ashton Spatz

Step 5: Distress It

By Ashton Spatz

Torah's Finished Design

By Ashton Spatz


We caught up with Roxy snowboarder and Olympic Gold medalist Torah Bright in New York City at the Roxy Re-Work and Shop Denim Event. Bright gave us a step-by-step tutorial on how to DIY your denim and we even found a new motto from it all: Distress to De-stress!

What You'll Need:

How to Make Them:
1. Torah started us off at the Roxy denim bar. She and denim designer Mark Wismayer explained that when choosing denim, it’s important to have a 'worn in’ feeling and it's okay to have wrinkles and folds. Torah chose Roxy Skinny Slides in a darker wash.

2. Patch:Torah showed us that patches aren't just for Girl Scouts by cutting them up to create new shapes and patterns.

3. Sew: Embroidery thread is probably the coolest thing that we found at the Roxy Re-work and Denim event. Torah showed us the many ways to utilize the colorful threads: Sew on your patches and stitch cute X’s and O’s or pen your name with string.

4. Pin: If needlepoint isn't your forte, try using other odds and ends. Safety pins and seashells add some contrasting hardware to denim. As demonstrated by Torah, we discovered that lining pins along the bottom hem of your denim creates interesting detail. Also try cuffing the sides of the pant legs and holding them in place with the safety pins.

5. Distress: Torah worked with Roxy’s denim designer, Mark Weismayer, to take a dremel to her jeans and gently create nips, tears and holes to give them a worn-in look.

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