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Fishbowl // FindCream // 11/18/11
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Mixel by Ariel Aberg-Riger

Mixel by Shy Italian

Mixel by Khoi Vinh

Confession: This summer we were super inspired by a collage Goldfish Kiss put together but we never actually made one ourselves! Maybe it had something to do with all that cutting and Elmer's glue...

Like always, technology has finally caught up with our artistic ambitions: We've just found Mixel, a great new app for the iPad that lets you cut, paste and collage sans cleanup.

We want to see your Mixels!

1. Download the FREE Mixel application
2. Create a Mixel using images from foammagazine.com or Foam's digital editions.
3. Tweet us your Mixel (@FoamMag) and mention @Mixel in your tweet. Don't do Twitter? Just post your Mixel to the Community section of foammagazine.com with a title that includes the word "Mixel."
You'll get extra credit for lots of Mixel-likes (of course) and for mentioning FoamMagazine.com in your Mixel's comments.

Six of our favorite Mixels will win a year subscription to FindCream to keep or give as a gift. Good luck!

For more examples of awesome Mixels, check out SirMixelALot.Tumblr.com, a great site by Ariel Aberg-Riger, creator of the beautiful Mixel at the top of this page.

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