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Baltic beauty Tiiu Kuik has a crush on Clark Kent

Photos // Reba Saxon // 11/07/11
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By Charlotte Wales

Tiiu Kuik

By Charlotte Wales

Tiiu Kuik

By Charlotte Wales

Tiiu Kuik

By Charlotte Wales

Tiiu Kuik

By Charlotte Wales

Tiiu Kuik

By Charlotte Wales

Tiiu Kuik


Tiiu Kuik

For fresh-faced Estonian supermodel Tiiu Kuik, the ascent from humble beginnings in her home country to jetting worldwide to rep top luxury brands has been extra-rapid. But, for this Baltic beauty, the packed schedules and frequent flyer points are all part of a ride of a lifetime.

Tiiu, that's not a name you hear everyday. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Estonia until I was 16 when I was discovered by a local modeling agency, and then moved to New York. I live in the city now, but also spend my time in Toronto, where my boyfriend lives.

Do you enjoy spending so much time on the road for work?
It's one of the best parts about it! The other day I did a count and realized I have traveled to over 50 countries by now thanks to my career.

Favorite feel-good activity?
Cooking, music, game nights, dancing, reading and of course, exploring the outdoors.

What inspires you the most?
I am really inspired by strong, driven, successful women. And some men too!

Batman or Superman?
That's a toughie! I think it would have to be Batman. He just seems more mysterious and probably more fun to meet. Superman is almost too campy, even for me. Though, I do appreciate the fact that Clark Kent is a journalist It's always a plus when they can write!

What's your guilty pleasure?
The only thing I feel guilty about is taking too many cabs.

Sum yourself up in one word.
Hood. Kidding. Maybe it's "free." I like to think that the future is ours to make. That ideas makes me feel like a bird, with the whole sky still to explore.

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Originally published in December 2011-January 2012

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