Q&A: Natalie Wade's "Chick Flick"

Filmmaker Natalie Wade gets set to release the first all-female BMX video

Spotlight // Johnie Gall // 10/31/11
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"I had a little accident where I was gutted by my handlebar end. Not fun!"

"Filming in my home state, Arizona. It was 98 degrees at 9am!"

"Nina Buitrago, Mini Park, Camila Harambour and I load up the truck and headed to the Nike Pro Jam to film on the course."

"No bikes allowed = lame!"

"Anytime I'm riding and someone gets hurts my buddies shout 'Natalie!' I guess I get a lot of practice!"

Anyone else married to X Games BMX Big Air competitor Morgan Wade might be content to sit back and enjoy her husband's fame from the stands. But for his "real life" wife Natalie Wade, spectating is not an option.

Wade, a 25-year-old pre-med student from Tyler, Texas, is part of a small group of pioneering female BMX riders tearing up skate parks around the world and petitioning the competitive BMX circuit to include a women's class (a category still absent in most contests). Between studying and training, Wade is in the middle of producing the first all-female BMX video dubbed Chick Flick, set to release this winter. We caught up with the budding filmmaker to talk injuries, BMXing and why every woman should give her favorite sport a try:

What convinced you to originally give BMX a try?
My brother. He and his buds rode for a long time and I always had so much fun watching them. I've always been a bit of a tomboy so I never got into gymnastics, ballet or cheerleading, so riding BMX just fit my lifestyle. I convinced my buddies to build me a bike and the rest is history!

Everyone hits a block when they're learning a new sport– when was yours?
My block came about four years ago when I went from being able to ride seven days a week to only on Christmas and summer break because I had started college. Whenever I go awhile without riding it seems like it takes me a full day to get comfortable again.

Your husband is also a BMX rider- have you taught him anything?
Ha, well I can't say I've taught him anything but I have given him some ideas for lines at contests (which is so fun for me if he actually uses then). He's my number one supporter.

In your opinion, what is the state of women's BMX right now?
We are growing and that excites me so much. There has never been this much participation and it's so encouraging to see the level of eagerness from gals to get on a bike and just ride no matter the skill level.

With such male-centric sport, what's the incentive for women to give it a try?
The opportunity to have fun and meet lots of people on their journeys. Ask any pro rider- or any rider for the matter– and they'll tell you about the friends they've made and fun they've had all because they ride a little kid's bike– it's priceless.

What do you want women to take away from your film?
My number one hope is that current lady riders, or ladies thinking about starting, will want to grab a bike after the video and try new things and get more psyched on riding in general.

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