Alternative Apparel + Falling Whistles Kickoff Party

Join AA and Falling Whistles in Venice for a special event to support peace in the Congo.

Events // Johnie Gall // 09/28/11
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Courtesy of Falling Whistles


Courtesy of Falling Whistles


One of the whistles available for purchase from Falling Whistles

It was during a charity mission to provide children in Africa with shoes that Falling Whistles founder Sean Carasso walked into the chaos of war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, and his true calling.

There, Carasso met five boys who had just escaped from rebel leader Nkunda's army (which has been infuriated by an upcoming Peace Conference). The boys, all under 15 years old, had been beaten, tortured, starved and made to sit in their own filth within a deep pit among 300 other boys. Their only relief came during the four hours a day they were trained to fire a gun.

However, it wasn't even the child-soldiers that instilled the deepest horror in Carasso. Instead, it was the story of the whistleblowers. In the rebel army, boys too small to fire a gun were forced to blow whistles on the front lines of battle and, consequently, take the first round of bullets.

Now, Carasso says "their weapon could be our voice. Wear your protest and join a growing coalition for peace in Congo" with the Falling Whistles whistle collection. Falling Whistles is launching a fall tour traveling across the country for The Face Campaign. Meet them at any stop along the way have your picture taken in person, at or on an iPhone app, and these photos will be sent to the White House, labeled with the words: "I Want Peace in Congo."

The first stop is right here on Abbot Kinney at the Alternative Apparel store. Stop by for cocktails, snacks, live music and to support an amazing cause!

The Alternative Apparel x Falling Whistles Kickoff Party

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alternative Apparel
1337 Abbot Kinney
Venice, CA

*Receive 15% off any in-store purchase with invitation

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