DIY: Quiksilver Pro Festival Bag

Roxy Surfer Kassia Meador and SwellMayde's Aimee Santos made us a festival-worthy bag for our trip to the Quiksilver Pro NY

DIY // Johnie Gall // 09/06/11
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The finished product!

What do you get when you combine the creative power of Roxy surfer Kassia Meador and DIY blogger Aimee Santos of A do-it-yourself bag with enough pop to carry us all the way to the east coast, where we're headed for a week of surf at the Quiksilver Pro New York. The music festival is cancelled (thanks Irene), but you can still learn how to make your own carry-all with an old shirt and some fabric dye:

What You'll Need:
-Quiksilver T-shirt (Men's small)
-Fabric dye
-Salt and water
-Embroidery thread
-Spray bottle

How to Make It:
1. Cut around the neckline, in a half circle shape about 12 inches deep

2. Cut off sleeves

3. Cut off hem, curve at side seams

4. Take the needle and embroidery floss and stitch around the bottom hem

5. Follow the instructions for your particular fabric dye (every brand is a bit different) to create the dye bath. Quickly dip about half the bag in the dye bath.

6. Leave only 1/4 of the bag in the dye bath for about three minutes. This will make the bottom darker in color.

7. Hang to dry. Spritz water onto dyed areas using the spray bottle to get an even ombre. After air drying, throw in washing machine with warm water to set the dye in

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