Amanda Booth: Points West

Like most things she puts on, model, surfer and freeway-haunter Amanda Booth wears East Coast transplant well.

Girl Crush // Reba Saxon // 09/22/11
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By Akila Berjaoui

Amanda Booth

You’re originally from Pennsylvania—how did you end up out here?
I’ve dreamed of Cali since I was a little girl. I left school in Florida because I was broke and moved to New York to model. I crashed on a friend’s couch while I was going to open calls and starting to work—eventually I came out to California for a job and just stayed. Looking back, I must have known deep down I didn’t plan on leaving because I’d bought a car to drive it all the way across the country for the job!

What’s your favorite part about being out here?
Even though everyone else doesn’t like L.A. driving, I love it. It’s my space, my time, my car and my music. Out here, I never feel trapped. I can get in my car and just go.

When you’re not in the zone in your car, what else are you up to?
Lots of surfing. I want to be reborn as a pro-surfer. I’m also the definition of homebody. When I’m not on the road, my best friend and my sister come over and we go to Swingers, go to the beach and watch movies. I am also taking acting classes right now—I’d love to do a comedic movie some day.

I do photography too, strictly for fun. My mom was a photographer so I grew up with my photo being taken. I’m always amazed at how much you can convey in one photo through expression. I take photos of landscapes, textures and the little things that are inspiring to me.

And what sorts of things inspire you?
Love! I’m just the biggest ball of love ever, as cheesy as it sounds. I love to love and love to make people smile. I draw, do poetry and take photos of the things that I get a little bit of love from.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Sunshine. It doesn’t have to be every second of the day, but it better be coming!

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Originally published in October/November 2011

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