May 24, 2010


While the music video for Juliette Commagere’s song “Berceuse” starts off downright nostalgic (the sound of waves crashing on the shore is accompanied by images of a sunny day at the beach edited for a ’50s era feel), it doesn’t stay that way for long.
The video for the eerie ballad, off Commagere’s album Queens Die Proudly, which was shot on a chilly winter night using infared cameras, features the singer and professional free surfer Hans Hagen riding waves in an other-worldy looking sea.
Shot in front of his house in Laguna Beach, Hagen says “surfing into the dark is haunting.” Which we think is also the perfect way of describing the song.

You can catch Juliette Commagere in an upcoming issue of Foam, so keep your eyes peeled.