September 3, 2008

Surf Girl Roxy at Equator Books

On Wednesday, August 27th, the Southern California surf community gathered at Equator Books on Abbot Kinney to celebrate the publication of Roxy’s new hardcover photography book, Surf Girl Roxy.

Showcasing images and interviews from throughout the company’s 18-year history, Surf Girl Roxy visually commemorates the brand’s beach girl culture. The crowd that gathered at Equator –a fun and funky half-bookstore, half-art gallery in Venice Beach– presented this same sunshine-oriented aura.

Check out the official event photos.

With Tahiti, Fiji, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, and –home sweet home– Southern California, as the backdrop, this 200-page photo book brings together the best of Roxy’s team riders, models, designers, and brand ambassadors.

“I think you’ll see there’s more to these girls than meets the eye. They’re not just happy and wholesome and beautiful, though they are absolutely all of those things. They are brave and tenacious and strong. Their minds and bodies are totally connected. They love the ocean precisely because it is almighty. It is their teacher, their confidante, and the mirror they hold up to themselves to judge their own self-worth,” says Natalie Linden, the book’s interviewer.

Conceived of by Tom Adler and including the photographic work of Dewey Nicks, Jeff Hornbaker, Jim Russi, Leroy Grannis, Carlos Serrao, Jeff Divine, and Christa Renee, Surf Girl Roxy features the diverse stories of Roxy team riders from throughout the years–including World Champions Lisa Andersen, Sofia Mulanovich, and Chelsea Georgeson, and pros such as Kassia Meador, Megan Abubo, Cristiana Janssen, Veronica Kay, Carissa Moore, Missy Gibson, and Kelia Moniz.

Surf Girl Roxy
, published by Chronicle Books, is available at Roxy stores nationwide, as well as online at, Barnes and Noble,, and more.

Event photos by Lauren Ward.

Compiled by Marissa Tinloy