January 20, 2009

Jack Siegel’s Skullset - When Art and the Web Collide

P hotographer Jack Siegel is making his mark on the art world via the ultimate superhighway; the blogsphere. His blog, the Skullset, features his bicoastal portraits of his friends and their various meanderings. Jack spoke to Foam about his venture, with one foot in the art world, and the other on the internet.

Foam: How did you get started taking photos? JS: I picked it up in high school, I had a really great teacher so I guess I decided to stick with it. Initially I bought Ryan McGinley’s first book before I even picked up a camera, the images really inspired me to focus on shooting my friends. Foam: What camera do you use? JS: Currently I use a Yashica T4 but I’m getting bored with it, there is only so much you can do. At a pawn shop I bought an Olympus om1 just because it was the cool black one but it shoots really well so I’ve been using that as well as my camera phone. Foam: Why did you start blogging? What do you think about everyone jumping on the bandwagon? JS: Have they jumped on the bandwagon? I thought that was me, 2006 is late for blogging. Foam: What’s the best place in LA to get a good shot? JS: Best place in NY? In LA it is the apocalyptic LA River. I really haven’t found a good spot in New York yet. I shoot in bars here so I guess I’d say Lit (hip NYC bar) for lack of a better answer. Foam: Have you ever encountered negative criticism regarding your work? JS: Always people call me an asshole for only shooting a certain group of kids. I don’t mind though for some reason they are still looking. Foam: What are your ultimate goals as an artist? JS: I want to be an artist, I’ve been developing an idea about blogging as an art practice. I’d really like to be in important shows when I get older. Foam: What advice do you have for fellow photographers looking to share their art? JS: I do the same thing everyday and more or less shoot the same thing everyday, if you stick with something for a long enough time people begin to notice.

Be sure check out Jack’s photos at the Skullset , as well as his personal blog, www.jacksiegel.com.