January 11, 2010


In a reality show generated “reality”, the shores of New Jersey are riddled with fist pumps, hair gel and sleazy boardwalk games. But when Jonathan Arbogast looks through his camera lens, he sees another sort of reality.

“It’s a wonderful place full of memories for so many people so I try to capture those places with my photography,” says the Bucks County, PA native. “It could be the ferris wheel that you rode every summer. That place on the beach that you built sand castles on. Those waves that you splashed into every summer.”

It’s that sense of nostalgia and effortless natural beauty that make a simple setting, like a fence next to some dune grass, into a work of art. Jonathan is a self-taught photographer who let his part time memory-making hobby “grow organically” into a profession. “It is a great feeling to know that someone likes your work enough to make a purchase and to hang it up in their house.” And with his work’s graphic composition and familiar subjects, who wouldn’t?

For Jonathan, photography is about finding beauty in the little moments. “I usually take most of my shots in the off season, like when it’s too cold out for the Shoobies. The sunsets are amazing in the fall and winter, much more color to them than in the summer. The shore is so much quieter, with less people. You can get better shots because no one is in the way.” Not exactly what we’d call guido-country.

You can find Jonathan’s photography prints on his website and on Etsy.com.

Johnie Emma


  1. Jeff pete on January 11th, 2010 11:33 am

    Love your shots! I was born and raised in Cape May County. Now living in Hawaii I love seeing your shots brings a tear to the eye to know that my beloved Jersey Shore is being destroyed by MTV and these Shoebee Daygo cheeses Balls. As long as they stay north of AC guess it will be fine. ………SHOEBEES GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Danielle on January 13th, 2010 12:16 am

    This is exactly the kind of place I’d like to visit one day, honestly that show kind of deterred me from wanting to be there, but this changes my mind.
    I’ve been living in Hawaii all my life, I’d love to visit new shores.