July 23, 2009




I’ve long been a fan of the free-spirited style and writing of Stompface, aka Abby, an amazing fashion blogger from down under. That is until I realized she’s also an amazing artist. Now it’s love.

This Foam lover from Perth, Australia, whipped up her famously hip doodle, Mr. Bird, while joking about becoming a bird watcher with an office friend. After moving him to his own blog a short while ago, Abby’s Mr. Bird now has a huge following.

Perhaps it’s Mr. Bird’s simple and hilarious adventures that make him so appealing. Maybe it’s the fact that he is out to “conquer the world.” Either way, Mr. Bird is quickly becoming an art star. And Abby’s not too far behind….we can’t wait to get our paws on some future Mr. Bird shirts.

Where did you come up with the idea for Mr. Bird?

Mr. Bird came to me one day when trying to think of a new bird character to draw [for my friend]. I fell instantly in love with the long legged top hat wearing birdy thing, and could not stop drawing him. He ended up living on the desks of half the people in my department. It seemed a waste that he was just hanging around my office all day, so I started the blog so he could go on many adventures and conquer the world. Mr Bird likes bird seed, giant chocolate freckles and sitting inside giant tea cups. Mr Bird dislikes being eaten by cats, misplacing his limbs and awkward conversations with giant novelty crayons.

Your fashion blog, Stompface, has a big following as well. What inspired you to start it?

My extreme obsession with all things fashion and art. I felt like I had no one to discuss these things with in the real world. As in, I would constantly be ranting at people when overexcited about a beautiful editorial in a magazine, and they would be staring at me uninterested and confused. I’d been following fashion and art blogs for awhile, so it was really lovely to join the blogging community, which is filled with so many like minded people. It’s just wonderful to have an outlet for all things creative.

Your artwork is impressive. And we love Mr. Bird. What is his appeal?

I think the appeal lies in the simplicity of the art work and the character. He is never mean or offensive, which means his adventures can be enjoyed by young and old. I’ve also had a few requests for some Mr Bird t-shirts, so that is something I will look into for the future. Mr Bird has featured on most of the greeting cards I have given to friends and family lately, so many something along those lines might happen.

Johnie Emma


2 Responses to “BLOGSPOT”
  1. ari on July 24th, 2009 10:58 am

    both abby and mr bird are amazing

  2. Justlookin on July 24th, 2009 4:35 pm

    abby is a birdrillant drawer. her sense of humour rocks this world.