May 8, 2009


This flight of fancy originally took off onJaybird.
Now that it’s raining more than ever in NYC, here’s a question for another drizzly day:

Who has done more for the umbrella’s place in pop culture–Mary Poppins’ magical nanny-transport or Rihanna, forever adding an extra syllable to the word, making it um-ba-rella? Sorry, now it’s stuck in all our heads.

I’m more of a Poppins girl myself, channeling her today in a restrained (but slightly ruffled) navy dress, stockings and sensible black boots–punctuated, however, with this little number, a gift from my nieces:

A yellow umbrella that looks like a longshoreman. I highly recommend the yellow umbrella (though maintain that carrying an umbrella of any color in midtown should require a license.) It’s a portable piece of sunshine on an otherwise grey day. This fellow I captured for Dossier was onto it too, with an even cuter canary-yellow accessory on his shoulders. Perhaps his Gene Kelly jaunt yesterday inspired today’s Ms. Poppins.
If only we could all pick out parasols at Catherine Deneuve’s shop from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg–a fantastic film for a rainy day.

But alas, we cannot, so here are some picks of the parapluies online:
…in bubble-gum pink
…with English roses
…a touch of Magritte
…and of course, yellow
Run between the raindrops in the meantime!

–Jenni Avins