February 4, 2008

This feature honors four inspiring female photographers with equally awe-inspiring photographs—their own studies, not commercial—perhaps stashed away, never to be seen or fully appreciated, until now. Here’s each woman’s explanation of her favorite personal photograph, not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the heart.

Dorit Thies
“Life began in the ocean and represents the womb of the earth. Animals naturally monitor the quality of the elements and space and are either flourishing or fading. This piece is called ‘Sanctuary’ and the woman—sort of androgynous looking—represents a scientist, using the wisdom and sensibility of the snake and the butterfly, finding out the truth.”

Nadia Pandolfo
“You may think it’s ironic to find a glamorous girl like this in a war zone. This picture represents what Los Angeles means to me. Shortly after I moved here, while attending USC, the Los Angeles Riots occurred. There’s so much we all take for granted. And it is funny, no matter how many times we are reminded, we expect things to remain virtually unchanged from one day to the next. The riots were an example of how fragile and unpredictable our society really is. One event, and it can all come tumbling down like a house of cards. Society is much like the ocean to me in that sense, one day it can be calm and inviting and the next day it can be a dangerous maelstrom. No one person or group controls it. Never take for granted or underestimate the power of the universe. Respect it and be prepared for unlikely events. This is a picture of a survivor, and no matter what happens she is ready to emerge from the ashes and deal with it…and looking good.”

Cheyenne Ellis
“This photograph was a collaboration I did with T.R. Knight of Grey’s Anatomy. We did a series of portraits that day, exploring into his personality. This particular image has become my favorite. It’s comedic, serious, and somehow, at the same time, intelligent. Very much like T.R., I enjoy so much the process of taking a portrait. Getting to know another artist, even if just for a few hours, and turning that experience into a photograph on the printed page.”

Megan Brainard
“These seagulls were taken in Portugal. After the fishing boats brought in the fish, they threw out the leftovers back to sea and the birds flocked to them. I have always loved birds in flight and this was a great opportunity to capture the beauty of them.”


2 Responses to “THE DREAMERS”

  1. Kylie Taylor on February 25th, 2008 12:15 pm

    i love the photos! I am also in the photographic field and appreciate the fact that your magazine features their own personal favorites, rather than commercialized type stuff. Let me know if you ever need any photos. I would love to contribute. Thanks for allowing room for expression in our society….

  2. Kelsey Leigh on February 28th, 2008 11:05 am

    I love megans photo of the birds. Birds are my favourite subject to photograph. They are just so beautiful!

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