Typewriters Are Making a Comeback

Typewriters used by Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and more are the subject of a new exhibit.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 12/11/14
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PHOTO CRED: Photo courtesy of Paley Center/ Michael Bulbenko.

Long before the days of MacBooks, PCs, smartphones and tablets, everyone relied on typewriters to create formal letters and documents. Though the typewriter began to lose its luster once home computers took over, the click-clack of typewriter keys still manages to leave many vintage hounds nostalgic for a bygone era.

In honor of the vintage writing tool, Los Angeles’ Paley Center For Media is hosting a unique month-long exhibit courtesy of Steve Soboroff called “Soboroff Typewriter Collection: Hemingway, Lennon, Capote & Others,” where more than 28 antique typewriters once owned by cultural icons are on view.

Among the typewriters on display is a red Underwood 4-Bank Orson Welles used to type the screenplay for Citizen Kane, a typewriter used by John Lennon before the Beatles were a household name, and the machine used by Ernest Hemingway during his time in Cuba. Typewriters from the likes of Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Tennessee Williams are also on display, as well as one from Tom Hanks, which is fitting since Hanks has his own typewriter-inspired iPad app called the Hanx Writer that mimics the sound of classic typewriters while users draft documents.

Find out more about the “Soboroff Typewriter Collection: Hemingway, Lennon, Capote & Others” exhibit, which runs now through January 4, 2015, at the Paley Center’s website here.

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