UgiFit: The Next Workout Craze

Improve your strength and balance with just one ball by trying this new fitness trend.

Articles // Shontel Horne // 11/20/14
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The name may sound funny, but UgiFit, a new fitness routine that is slowly picking up steam on the East Coast, is nothing to laugh at. Using an Ugi Ball (a squishy-yet-firm Bosu ball and medicine ball rolled into one), UgiFit provides an intense workout through strength-building, core and cardio moves.

The balls range in weight from six to twelve pounds, allowing users to increase their desired weight as they build their strength. UgiFit requires exceptional balance, and beginners can modify their movements when doing exercises like plank mountain climbs, leg extensions and rocking planks as they progress. With workout sessions lasting just 30 minutes, UgiFit helps users break a sweat, improve stability and gain strength using just one sleek piece of equipment.

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