Hair, Hawaii Style

Articles // Kathryn Romeyn // 05/28/14
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It’s no secret we love beachy hair-touseled, piece-y, wavy and slightly mussed-up is what we strive for every day, even if there’s no sand in sight. And while sea-salt sprays are always a go-to, sometimes it’s fun to experiment with hair treatments in a DIY manner. Jason Harsin, founder of Hearts & Stars Salon & Day Spa on Hawaii’s Big Island-and a product line of the same name-shares a couple recipes that will give your mane a bit of that island flair.

1-2-3 Easy Beach Aloha Hair Spritz

In a spray bottle, mix 1 ounce of hair spray, 2 ounces of bottled water and three teaspoons of sea salt. Apply to dry hair, scrunch and go!

Homemade Hawaiian Hair Therapy

Mix together mango pulp, a spoonful of yogurt and two egg yolks. After shampooing, add the mixture to your hair, put a shower cap over it and leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes. (Go relax in the sun while you’re waiting!) Rins off and you’re pau-Hawaiian for ‘finished.’ Mangos contain vitamin E, whichi improves scalp circulation and encourages hair growth, and this combination is highly conditioning, leaving hair soft and manageable.

Hawaiian Mac Nut

Macadamia nut oil eliminates hair frizz, adds shine and boosts UV radiation protection while leaving hair super smooth. So give a boost to your conditioner by mixing in several drops of macadamia nut oil to a dollop before applying to your mane.

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