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This summer treat your body to the same kind of love you give your face

Articles // Kathryn Romeyn // 05/21/14
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Photo by Mark Leibowitz

Come summer, many of us slather on the sunscreen—hopefully!—and then head outside. But there’s a whole slew of ways to make sure your bod and the skin on it really look their best in that bikini. Expert Charlene Florian, chief creative officer for Kerstin Florian, gives us the scoop on how to ensure your head-to-toe complexion stays young-looking and glowing on the beach.

Why is body care as important as facial care?
The skin on our body shows signs of aging just like our face—loss of elasticity, dryness, age spots.

What are the steps we can take to get a great body for summer?
Number one, kick up the workout regimen with weights, yoga, hiking and cardio. Then make sure you’re exfoliating three times a week in the shower or bath with a brush, our Turkish Body Scrub with eucalyptus or Brightening Body Scrub with natural exfoliating bamboo and jojoba beadlets. Use the Correcting Brightening Body Peel Pads on the décolleté to combat hyperpigmentation or age spots, and they can be used allover as an alternative to a scrub. We have a great Multi-Vitamin Firming Body Crème with algae, cucumber and shea butter that’s the perfect intensive summer moisturizer.

What ingredients can we look for in products that will smooth and even skin tone?
We love to use kombucha to smooth the skin and ginger and various algae for firming and activating lipolysis (fat burning).

Those in LA can visit the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for two new offerings, the Body Slimming Treatment and the Body Brightening Treatment. Tell us about those.
They’re designed to stimulate circulation, streamline body contours and exfoliate, delivering brighter, tighter, firmer and smoother skin. The first includes an exclusive slimming massage and serum that help to activate lipolysis while the other incorporates fruit enzymes and multi-fruit acids to refine texture and brighten.

At what age do you suggest someone start using higher quality, more active products as opposed to whatever is sitting around?
Everyone is a candidate to begin taking great care of their body. My older daughter is 11 and exfoliates twice a week with our Turkish Body Scrub. It’s a blessing to start young with a great face and body regimen, just like eating right, exercising and being able to relax through meditation.

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